bat365在线平台获CIO Advisor APAC杂志评选为年度亚太地区25家最热门的人工智能企业 bat365在线平台获CIO Advisor APAC杂志评选为年度亚太地区25家最热门的人工智能企业



bat365在线平台获CIO Advisor APAC杂志评选为年度亚太地区25家最热门的人工智能企业


bat365在线平台在五月下旬获CIO Advisor APAC (亚太CIO顾问)杂志评选为2018年亚太地区25家最热门的人工智能企业(25 Hottest APAC Artificial Intelligence Companies- 2018),将bat365在线平台品牌向亚太地区推进。CIO Advisor APAC杂志是一家成立在美国硅谷、面向亚太地区的CIO群体,专门报导产业技术的杂志,内容主要探讨创新的产业技术或资源,并通过从CIO的视角分享行业洞察和解决问题的经验的方式,让读者有新的启发。该杂志采访了CTO John,分享bat365在线平台依托大数据人工智能的技术优势,助力各行业的企业或政府机构,利用bat365在线平台全栈式解决方案来协同或扩展业务,实现用数据驱动智能增长的使命与目标。以下是John专访全文:


With distributed computing anddata analytics in its DNA, Gridsum Holding Inc. (NASDAQ: GSUM) began providingcloud-based big dataanalytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions to multinational companies, domestic enterprises, and government agencies in China since 2005.Gridsum’s core technology, the Gridsum big data platform, performs real-timemulti-dimensional correlation analysis of both structured and unstructureddata. A pioneer in providing enterprise-grade big data and AI as a SaaSsolution, Gridsum serves organizations across industries to collect, process,store, visualize, and analyze data, and generate insights and build businessmodels that improve workflow and decision making. Enabled with thousands ofgranted and pending patents in big data and AI, the company helps clientsanalyze data from the Internet, web traffic, and mobile applications and alsoharness data from their internal IT and business systems.


Companies across industries have the advantage of our full stack of solutions to collaborate and expand their businesses and take a data-driven approach to achieve smart growth.


Gridsum has been investing heavily in R&D to help firms easily leverage the technology and the innovation that the company has employed in its distributed computing infrastructure, big data platform, and enterprise AI. The company has applied its avant-garde technologies in a wide spectrum of industries, digital marketing being first on the list. Gridsum’s latest and comprehensive solution,Growthforce, is designed to enable firms better advertise their brand and improve customer loyalty. “Growthforce enhances not only marketing efficiency but the business results while reducing costs,” informs John Liu, CTO, who joined Gridsum to turn technology and innovation into real-world solutions for enterprises. Liu explains that they have adopted growth as the overarching objective under which the company is helping clients attract more online traffic toward their websites and their apps, and then convert the visitors into loyal customers. With the combination of their marketing and intelligent CRM solutions, Gridsum Growthforce acts as a one-stop shop solution for customers to merge their online and offline marketing efforts to serve the customers better for business growth. A clientele comprising prominent brands like Gap and Coca-Cola stands as the testimony to Gridsum’s technology prowess.


Gridsum caters its big data and AI solutions for the legal space as well, combining the industry expertise to identify key issues existing in the landscape. The company has designed a cuttingedge system, IP Case Guidance Service Platform, which integrates multidimensional analysis and natural language capability to analyze verdicts, legal cases, and regulations approved in China. Legal experts can draw insights from the massive judicial information resources and have higher visibility in the trial processes,augmenting accuracy in decision making. IP Case Guidance Service Platform helps judges and lawyers in reducing the overhead of the manual processes involved.Liu asserts that it is their core initiative to ensure that the courts have the most up to date technology.


Gridsum is keen to extend the application of its unique technology to other industries. Currently, the company is dipping its feet into the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) with the aim to modernize and elevate the production efficiency and quality of manufacturing processes. Over the years, many manufacturing companies have been investing in IIoT, but data from the IIoT devices have not been effectively collected or utilized. Grabbing the opportunity, Gridsum is bringing to bearits big data and AI prowess for the predictive maintenance of the equipment,according to Liu.


From the onset, Gridsum has been true to its mission to help enterprises and government organizations in China use data in new and compelling ways to make better-informed decisions and be more productive. “Companies across industries have the advantage of our fullstack of solutions to collaborate and expand their businesses and take adata-driven approach to achieve smart growth.” concludes Liu.